Monday, 3 September 2007

Thought for the day.

World of Religions Online: a new faction based MMO.

Coming to every gamer's place of worship soon.


Melmoth said...

Watch out for the first expsnsion: Crusades.

The PvP is brutal, and they've totally screwed-up the faction rewards in return for phat loot.

Elf said...

I was going to ask if there was any PvP, so it's good to see it's in there.

I hear the patch notes take a revisionist stance, denying asbolutely that any changes have occurred and simply stating how things are and have always been.

Actually, that sounds more like the 1984 MMORPG. Never mind.

Zoso said...

Level 18, new power: "Ahhhhh!". Convinces others of your correctness ("But do you not see, my child? Ahhhh!")

The Skeptic class gets "No, not ahhhhh" to counter it.

Bildo said...

Would Agnostics be like WoW's Giblins?

Melmoth said...

Only in so much as a neutral faction in this case gives all the other factions something to agree about and gang up on, I'm afraid.

There's no PvP opt-out in WoRO; after all, Carebears are the children of the very lord of the Inferno himself.

The Lone Egg said...

So would only the religions that believe in reincarnation get to rez?

brackishwater said...

Yes, and only Catholics have the Get Out of Jail Free card.

Melmoth said...

Although they're always complaining to the devs about the fact that their hero class is forced to spend most of its time converting water into alcohol-based buffs, and producing fish and loaves for their raid group in order to reduce downtime.

Heck of a raid healer though.