Tuesday, 11 December 2007

He who would search for pearls must dive below.

Following on from previous blog developments, how has the random visitor to the Inferno changed in the past four months or so?

draenei erotica
draenei porn series
draeni porn
draenei porn (six times)

Yes, sir, I'm getting the message. Loud and clear. And disturbed. No, I still haven't got your order for blue skinned, cloven-hooved, shamanic-alien copulation material in stock yet. So terribly sorry.

how do porn stars have such good stamina

They absorb the life force of gerbils through a proboscis that they keep hidden beneath their ludicrously large hair.

shag with boss

Is that a command? Do you mind if I don't? It's just that he's forty five, married and quite a good mate; I don't think our friendship would be the same afterwards.

cybershorts handy

They certainly are! Why, I'm driving along in my car right now, both hands on the wheel, and yet by the power of cybershorts alone am I still able to make this blog post...


Zoso said...

how do porn stars have such good stamina

Six-slotting with one of the new Endurance Modification sets in I11, surely?

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is my Draenei porn, asshole?!