Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Thought for the day.

MMO concepts that were turned down:

  • Carebear Wars.

  • Pirate Outlaws Online.

  • World of Hobbycraft.

  • High School Clique!

  • City of Agoraphobics.

  • Grind until you Die: Life as a Worker Ant.

  • Lord of the Dance Online.

  • Dark Age of Crufts.

  • Age of Plato: Symposium Adventures.

  • Grind until you Die II: Journey of the Spawning Salmon.

  • The Chronicles of Spelling Using Punctuation.

  • SpermQuest: The Fertilising.


Zoso said...

The Chronicles of Spelling Using Punctuation

I think you are on to something there. Level 1 is full stops. Then, level 2, you get the comma. Level 3 could be a question mark? By level 9 or 10 you're deploying apostrophes, and finally in the end game, devastating combos like the triple full-stop ellipsis... or epic interrobang?!

Melmoth said...

And the forums would be an interesting place to visit.

(Yes, I completed the epic quest line that lets me start a sentence with 'and'. Pheer me.)

In all seriousness though, an MMO for kids where you could teach them subject matter while they play and interact with others could be a pretty Groovy Thing.