Thursday, 3 May 2007

Burglar's Log(in)

Well, it would have been a Captain's Log but as I mentioned before I couldn't bring myself to play those waist-leaners.

So, in the age-old tradition of reading any journal in the voice of Captain Kirk:

Can't... log... in. I am GETTING... very frustrated. THIS... is the third... day OF FOUR... that I have been unable... TO log-in to the Lord of the Rings Online SERVERS.

Spock! I... LOVE you!

The World of Warcraft release was pretty much as bad as this, and I know these problems seem to affect certain groups of players more than others, but with reports of the US having little to no logging-in problems, one has to wonder what Codemasters are doing differently.

Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to log-in and play tonight, although the shock of it might cause me some serious injury.

Still, looking on the bright side, if the log-in servers are still down it's another excuse to read through the entire xkcd archive again.

Like I need an excuse.

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